Raise the Home Value with those Home Improvement Projects

The value you have in your home is the number one reason why you didn’t choose to rent, but instead purchased one. Since the economy is not what it was before the recession and real estate prices continue to fluctuate, you should take a step back in order to think about some of the things you could do in order to increase your home’s value.

Even though by making a few improvements doesn’t mean you’re going to greatly improve your property’s value, it’s certainly going to help you stay competitive. There are many things that can be done, some that require smaller or no investment like organizing your garage, you can basically do it yourself. There are also much larger projects that might require hiring a contractor like for a new window installation in your home.

  1. Update your kitchen appliances

Update your kitchen appliancesUndoubtedly, the kitchen is by far one of the most sought after rooms in your house and that is why you must make sure that it look simply amazing if you want it to appeal to prospective buyers. Therefore, if you have appliances that are more than three to five years old, you should update them with the best models you can afford. By doing so, buyers are certainly going to be more enticed to purchase your home.

  1. Completely usable garage

Completely usable garageThe garage is a great area that can be used as either storage space, but also to park your car in a tidy and clean space. Therefore, if you want to increase the likeliness of selling your house, make sure the garage looks clean, is well organized and has plenty of vertical storage space.

  1. The master bedroom should be cozy

The master bedroom should be cozyThe flat ceilings should be upgraded to raised tray ceilings and don’t forget about the lighting as well. In this regard, you could consider using wall sconces or recessed lighting with dimmers.

  1. Upgrade your countertops

Upgrade your countertopsIf you want to make sure that your kitchen and any other room where you have countertops installed looks amazing, you should go for either granite or concrete. Overlay countertops made from resin combinations or composite grant are a great choice in this regard.

  1. Don’t forget about the flooring

Don't forget about the flooringMost people forget about upgrading their flooring which can make a big difference in the overall look of the house and the likeliness of closing a sale. Go for natural stone, tile or wood, since this adds a lot of value to your property.

  1. Add more value by repairing/upgrading your roof

Add more value by repairing or upgrading your roofThe entire home is made to look more beautiful, but is also protected by the roof. Because of that, you need to make sure that you have someone over who can inspect it to confirm it’s in good working condition and that there are no damaged shingles that have to be replaced or that may fall off and injure someone.

  1. Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinetsThe first thing you see when walking into a kitchen are the cabinets. Therefore, to make a good impression, it’s recommended that you opt for wood instead of laminate surfaces, but also add custom features like custom woodworking, glazing, wine racks and crown molding in order to stand out of the crowd. For less costlier updating though, you should add drawer and door hardware, but also reface cabinets.

  1. Ensure the irrigation system functions perfectly

Ensure the irrigation system functions perfectlyDid you know that you can add a lot of appeal to your home by making sure the irrigation system works flawlessly? By making sure the system covers the entire yard and therefore can water your lawn so it doesn’t wither, potential buyers will definitely be impressed by this, since most of the times the irrigations systems are left out by property owners. Just make sure though that you call a professional over to take a look at it before any potential buyer comes to take a tour of your house. This way, if there are any potential problems, he’ll be able to fix them.

  1. Add spa like features to the master bathroom

Add spa like features to the master bathroomThe master bedroom needs to absolutely feature a large garden tub and spa features as well. Upgraded showers and tiled floors are going to add a lot of value to your home and the same can be said about multi-sprayer showers and jetted soaking tubs.

  1. More and more closets

More and more closetsStorage is always important for potential buyers and this means that you need to focus on this aspect very much. Check to see if your closets all work properly and that the shelves and doors work well and aren’t damaged in any way. When upgrading a home, most people completely forget about storage which is essential when trying to close a sale.

  1. Hi-Fi sound and audio

Hi-Fi sound and audioTo be a step ahead of your competition, consider investing in high quality sound for your bedroom and master bedroom areas. Flat screen TVs (OLED for instance) are certainly going to add a lot of value to your home, but don’t forget to add theater sound and seating areas for multiple screen viewing as well.

  1. Curb appeal is important

Curb appeal is importantCurb appeal is essential if you want to impress any potential buyer that comes to take a tour of your house. A clean drive, clean sidewalks, but also trimmed landscapes and a well manicured lawn make your property look simply amazing and greatly increase the chances of making a sale.

  1. More value from environmentally friendly homes

More value from environmentally friendly homesSince we live in a modern age, a lot of people value eco friendly homes a lot since they bring a high ROI. From tankless hot water heaters to water saving plumbing, but also renewable resources like bamboo flooring, potential buyers can save a lot of money on the overall maintenance of the house, but also on their energy bills.

  1. Plumbing fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen should be upgraded

Plumbing fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen should be upgradedIf you have plumbing fixtures that are older than ten years, you should replace them. Brass, antique copper and brushed nickel fixtures are certainly good choice to consider. For the bathroom and kitchen, go for collections offering matching sink sprayers, control, bathtub and faucets.

  1. The windows should never be left out

The windows should never be left outLast but not least, you should know that windows are not only used for viewing, but are basically the source for conditioned air loss and gain. Therefore, it’s recommended that you consider upgrading them with windows that feature higher R values and can easily resist cold and heat transfer from the outdoors. All in all, by considering these tips when planning to sell your house, you can have the peace of mind that you’ll be able to increase its appeal and find buyers sooner than you’ve imagined!