Custom Home Building Process, Choosing a Contractor

Whether you’re building a starter home or the house of your dreams, your new life wouldn’t be complete without a home as individual as you. From lot selection to floor plan layout, the building process should be always fun while staying on time and in budget. Remember to always research your contractor before hiring him to transform your dreams into reality.

Choosing your custom home builder

Here are the main variables that should be taken into consideration before making such decision and help you while researching:


Look for a contractor with several years of home building expertise. That usually guarantees ability to assemble a superior group of home building specialists. Good company keeps their talented employees who help them preserve quality performance and maintain satisfied customers.
It takes a team approach to achieve unique results. That’s why each custom construction project should be considered as a collaboration of individual skills and talents. For each home, the contractor should select a team of experts to oversee every aspect of construction, including the architecture, cabinetry, lighting, pool, landscaping and interior design work. Further, they should have a list of suppliers, installers and craftsmen that are the best in their respective fields. The contractor should provide the game plan and strategy, have its team put it in motion in order to achieve desired results. Ask you contractor about his approach.


Quality is the cornerstone of a successful custom home builder. Without quality management and continuous incremental improvements in systems and techniques the quality might have a hard time to reach the top of the industry. From designing a home to selecting premium building materials, and finally assembling them into the final product the most rigorous requirements should be implemented. This is the only way to exceed customer expectations and deliver a product that is superlative, not merely acceptable.

You can ask your contractor a few important questions based just on that “Quality” paragraph.


Upholding the reputation by any construction company is another extremely important subject. They should be able to always provide their interested clients with subcontractor and bank references. Assuming they have an impressive record in the home building industry there should be nothing to hide.


There are two main aspects of “Value”:
• Providing the best materials for the construction process
• Providing workmanship at fair prices
The customer should be made aware of both of them ahead of the construction process. There are various methods of estimating job cost, some do it by square foot, other offer approximate projections. There must be room for adjustments but your price at a time of signing a contract should be based on fixed prices for supplies, materials, and labor.


Outstanding design is the foundation of a full-service home builder. Ask for references and take your time to examine previous projects on current still under construction. Research architects and interior designers recommended by the contractor and make sure he’ll accept your own crew. Whether he builds based on original design or yours, the finished product should be an appropriate reflection of your individual lifestyle and impeccable taste.

Custom Finishing:

Considering all of the things you do that reflect your lifestyle – shouldn’t your home do it best, reflect who you are and how you live?
Unless you bring your own, the process should start with a wide selection of plans that can be modified to fit your particular lifestyle needs. Your personal choices should continue as you personalize your home from flooring and appliances, to countertops, trim, lighting and bathroom fixture selections. When completed, you’ll be rewarded with a home designed for you, filled with your design ideas, and custom tailored to the way your family lives.

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